Thursday, November 8, 2007

Night Time Playground Hunt

Here is the problem, the switch to Daylight Savings really screwed me up. All the appointments I had set for on-location shoots were now an hour too late and suddenly in the dark. Well, luckily that doesn't stop me! When Jessica showed me the fantastic purple dress I knew that finding a swing to shoot her on was definitely a good idea, what I didn't know was swings at playgrounds aren't necessarily a requirement anymore. When did this happen? Is McDonald's really making the children so fat that youngsters can no longer enjoy swinging with any sort of faith in the structural engineering? What a travesty! After visiting three separate parks, all at night, we finally found one with actual swings. We set up the light and got the shot.

Then the tricky part, she wanted something spooky so I decided on a location I've wanted to use for a long time... the bus/wall in an abandoned shed in the middle of nowhere. Yes, this place exists. I don't know why but it does, and I LOVE it. It was cold, it was dark, and we only had one flashlight to navigate our way through the mud and brush but I think this shoot was well worth the effort. After that we finished up at a separate park with fallen leaves and then a trip to Dairy Queen. All in a days work!