Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Next Video Tutorial

All right, so I'm giving the power to you, my loyal viewers! Take a look at my images and tell me what you'd like to see explained in my next video tutorial. No secrets, no limits. The image with the most votes gets a tutorial, pure and simple! Though I do reserve the right to show you the same techniques with a different image, but never-the-less, you'll learn something!

How to Vote
Take a look at my images - the most complete library is available at My DeviantART Gallery and leave the name of the image you'd like to see explained in the comment section. Pure and simple!

Happy Voting!

PS - I appreciate everyone's comments and subscriptions, please keep sharing this blog with your friends, family and even enemies. The more viewers and subscribers I get the more I'm inspired to continue adding content. Hint Hint. :-)