Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Reflections of Christ" - A traveling exhibit.

I know it's probably odd for a Fashion Photography Blog to mention a photography exhibit depicting the life of Jesus, but someone sent me a link to this slide show of fine art images and I was absolutely floored.

You know how sometimes while looking at a painting you just can't believe it's not a photograph? Well, for the first time ever I'm staring at these photographs and I can't believe they're not paintings. The control of light, the emotion, the narratives are all absolutely compelling. Kudos to the actors, photographers, stylists, musicians... everyone that was involved. My hat is off.

So for the first time on my blog I'm linking to another photographer's work, I hope you enjoy.

See the slideshow here - Reflections Slideshow

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Modest is the Hottest.

Nicole is one of my new favorites, not only is she gorgeous but she's a lot of fun to shoot and is getting better at it with every new project. One of my favorite things about Nicole is her absolute insistence on complete modesty in every single shoot. As an artist sometimes I am guilty of bending the rules of modesty that I maintain in my life outside of photography. I am a church going, active practicer of the Mormon religion - and for those that don't know modesty in dress is part of our lifestyle.

In Nicole's very own words, "Modest is the hottest." Of course that can be argued by some but with these photos she definitely makes a strong case!

That being said, enjoy these new examples showcasing the technique of "faking an HDR image" that I demonstrated in my last video tutorial.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tutorial on Faking an HDR Image

The readers have spoken, after much anticipation here is a tutorial on my image titled Farm Supply. Enjoy!

**Disclaimer** In the video I do start with an image that has been color corrected, it did not come out of my camera that way (even though that's what I said). I will do a future video tutorial on basic color correction!