Saturday, November 17, 2007

Landis Lifestyle Salon

This was my second photoshoot conducted inside a studio... ever. It is also my first time using more than two flashes. Shot with an Octodome for the fill and two spots behind the model on either side and a large white reflector just barely out of frame below each image. Three hairstylists, a make-up artist and an eyelash stylist all teamed together to create the fantastic styling, the only direction from me was to incorporate plants and flowers into their work. It is a near impossibility coordinating schedules with around ten people for a shoot like this to happen, but this one was well worth the effort!

I have to give Mike from Element Studios a special thank you for allowing us to use of his fantastic photo studio and talents, and as always he was a blast to have around for the shoot - not to mention a great help!