Monday, August 6, 2007

A Skunk Sighting

I have seen an Alaskan grizzly bear charge into the water less than twenty yards away from me. I've had sharks swim past me while scuba diving. When I was six I was bit by a very mean Doberman Pincer. But by far the scariest animal I've ever encountered is a skunk. There is just something about those stripes that will scare the ever living humanity right out of you.

When we arrived at the location for our shoot I got out of the car first and started exploring, I made it about ten feet away from the car when I saw it coming straight towards me. I spun on my heals and charged back to the car screaming for everyone to get back inside, the panic in my voice was highly disproportionate to the actual dangers we faced out in the middle of nowhere, but as I dove into the car (hitting my arm on the door quite hard) I breathlessly exclaimed, "It's a skunk!" Not more than ten feet away it was way too close for comfort. The skunk ignored my antics and crawled into a small drainage pipe and disappeared from view.

I found out that even when the skunk leaves you completely alone you still lose a tremendous amount of street cred by screaming like a child and running away, it's a good thing I didn't have too much street cred to begin with.