Monday, August 6, 2007

The Old Hammond House

This is what happens to a pool with ten full years of neglect. It's the weirdest thing, a house upwards of 15,000 square feet including a racket ball court, an indoor hot-tub, steam room, dry sauna and more flights of stairs than you can shake a stick at has been abandoned for close to ten years now. The 'No Trespassing' sign is clear as day on the front door so we didn't shoot inside (and I'll never admit to exploring the interior!) but the pool, well there is no fence so it's fair game!

Nicole only brought four things to wear, all of them brown. This made selecting the perfect location a lot more difficult for me than it usually is, brown is a hard color to make exciting! But not surprisingly Nicole absolutely shined in our shoot at the long abandoned pool, and though I wasn't very happy at first, I'm very glad she forced me to use all brown.