Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Old Barn

I had two cancellations in a row, one yesterday and one tonight. Last night I took advantage of the free time and saw the "Bourne Ultimatum" with my lovely wife, it was good times. Tonight I felt like shooting, so I posted a bulletin on Myspace at around 4:00 stating that I had an opening and to contact me if you wanted to shoot. Within a half hour I had several options, including one random friend of mine who thinks he's hilarious (I won't mention any names) - I went with Sarah. Sorry Rob, maybe next time...

We went to a new location, an old barn filled with very old things. My kind of place! I took my assistant's advice and climbed the old silo. Sarah had to lay in the dirt with the spiders and other various bugs while I leaned over the ladder as far as I could just to get the shot, we argued for quite awhile over who had the more dangerous assignment and frankly, I don't see how crickets and a smashed spider even compares to climbing an old abandoned silo whilst carrying a camera.

It turns out lighting inside a silo is pretty tricky. We decided to go with a simple Canon 580ex with an attached diffuser held about 6 feet below the camera - in other words, directly under my feet. In fact, we used the same flash for all the other images as well. Not bad for such a little guy, which just goes to show - it's not the size of your flash, it's how you use it. :-)