Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Syrup Breath

The enigmatic Shay was feeling left out. As she was sitting in my kitchen one day with myself, Michael Dean and Mark Slagaowski (two other fantastic Utah photographers) she made it clear that she was tired of seeing so many other models get filthy dirty on shoots with me - watermelons, chocolate, pineapples, and marshmallows (just to mention a few) - while she stayed nice and clean. I told her I was running out of food items to plaster models with, undeterred she suggested syrup. I had briefly thought about syrup in the past but I figured the combined stickiness and gooiness would be a complete deal breaker so I never really brought it up.

Fast forward to weeks later Shay leaves a myspace message reminding me that she hasn't forgotten about our syrup conversation. So, she was subsequently covered in syrup. As per her request.