Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Playgrounds and Goldfish

Most of the time I don't like to pre-plan ideas for a shoot, I'm a spur-of-the-moment-inspiration kind of guy. But for this shoot it all started with an idea, peanut butter to be precise. When Carly arrived for the shoot I knew that there was only so much I could do with peanut butter so I let inspiration take it's course and settled into the usual pre-photoshoot routine where we lay everything they brought onto the couch and I stare at it. After contemplating it long enough we got in the car and started to drive, I still wasn't sure where we were going but I knew it would come to me. Chris Tittle, my assistant, suggested a location we had scouted weeks before with a river, lots of foliage and stuff like that, sounded good to me! So we parked and I picked the outfit for Carly, a denim sundress, striped leg warmers, white furry boots, and striped gloves. As we were walking down the trail to the river I couldn't stop thinking about how much her outfit cried out "playground", but at the same time I knew any park would be full of kids this time of day... eventually my internal argument won out, we turned back up the trail and walked about five minutes to the playground.

After putting on a fashion show for all the young girls at the playground, who excitedly pointed us out to their moms, we headed to the grocery store for Peanut Butter. Carly wouldn't stop asking me why I seemingly randomly bought some goldfish crackers too, I guess she just doesn't understand how inspiration works! :-)