Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Creepy House 2

If you haven't done so already, read the previous post titled "The Creepy House" because this is a sequel.

After discovering the Creepy House almost three years ago we have returned dozens, if not hundreds of times. Each time the house becomes a little more destroyed, more fantastic antiques go missing, and lately structures have even been burnt to the ground. It's a tragedy, but I promised more stories about the creepy house so I'll talk about Halloween night 2005.

We went to the creepy house after dark, at about 11:00 with a group of about ten people. We stood in the center of all the buildings in the dead of night, no moon so it was almost pitch black. I told the story that I related in my first post, most of the people there thought I was making it up as I went along (I wasn't) so it was very difficult to get through the story with all the sarcastic interruptions. By the time I got to the part about the light turning on we had been there at least 20 minutes, but as I said the words, "and then the light turned on" I pointed at the light and at that second the light TURNED ON! Not before, not after. It was at that second. To this day I have been unable to explain how the light came on, there was nobody there, I've never found a switch... nothing.

Tonight we brought Carly to shoot at the Creepy House, we had a great time and as you can see we made some wonderful images - both inside the house and out.