Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Night Time Dugouts and Old Bath tubs.

Shay is beautiful, but Shay is also very bad luck. By "very bad luck" I don't mean in the real world sense of very bad, but in the sense that my otherwise insulated life only very rarely faces bad luck of any sort - except for flushes on the river when I have a set of aces - but that's another post.

The last time I shot Shay was the last time my favorite flash worked, the Lumedyne 800watt battery powered strobe. My assistant is also mysteriously unavailable for any shoot I do with Shay. Which is weird. So, tonight we had to shoot assistant-less, and favorite flash-less. Which meant I had to be creative. All of the shots were lighted with a single Canon 580EX - mounted to the camera with a bracket. As you can probably understand by looking at the images, I am quite impressed with the results. Sure, I've had and used the flash for years but for some reason it just worked better than usual. Maybe Shay is better luck than I originally thought, maybe I owe her an apology. But on second thought - I think she owes ME a new flash-tube.

We went to my newly discovered abandoned house, my favorite old church, and a new location for me - a little league dug-out. Bad luck or not, I think you'll see more of Shay in the future, she is a blast to shoot! Even though the cop seemed to keep driving around the park, watching us. Stealth-like and creepy. But I can't say I blame him, if I saw Shay in a dugout at night I'd watch too... just not creepily and stealth-like... I make way to much noise to be stealthy. :P