Friday, June 22, 2007

Broken Sunglasses

The beautiful Shay. The first shoot I did with her my flash bulb broke, the second time I shot with her I lost a lens cap. I didn't dare imagine what would happen for the third shoot, and sure enough my sunglasses (purchased less than three weeks before) did not last through the shoot in working order. Though I'll admit it was me that smashed my head into the low hanging beam in the run-down barn, it was definitely Shay's presence that influenced the outcome. She denies it, but there is an undeniable trend.

Sure I had a pretty major headache for an hour or so, but it was the destruction of my glasses that made me the most sad, they weren't cheap... not at all. Two things worth spending money on if you ask me - a good pair of shoes, and a nice pair of sunglasses. The store I bought them from had a 6 month replacement discount, basically if you break them in the first six months you can buy the same pair at half price. It still hurt to pay half price but at least it was better than paying the full thing. Driving home I did what anybody would do, I called random people and complained about my bad luck (Shay's bad luck actually) and since my own mother was the first to be around to answer the phone she heard my sob story. But wait! She reminded me about the American Express guarantee, and since I did buy the original glasses with my Blue Amex card she suggested I call them and see if my glasses were covered. And HOLY CRAP, after an eleven minute and twelve second phone call to Amex (including hold time) I was given a claim number and told that the full purchase price would be credited BACK to my card within 48 hours!!!

So in effect, breaking my sunglasses allowed me to buy them for half price, maybe I had Shay pegged wrong from the beginning... could she possibly be GOOD luck?